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Before you buy a Euro-Pro Shark product, read the following message thread and draw your own conclusions!  After owning two of them and having them both fail in the same manner – Euro-Pro says pay for their lack of quality to fix it. 

Not withstanding that both units failed at 13 months with the exactly the  same failure – but when you have an obviously poor quality issue that is unsafe, one would think that they would do everything to find out why and fix it – but at Euro-Pro the bottom line – is the bottom line – Profit before customer safety and quality. 

Read on and before you think of buying any one of their products know what you are in for and what you can expect from them.  Choose wisely!


Cynthia: Hi, my name is Cynthia. How may I help you?

Buyer: I need some help with one of your products – actually two of them

Cynthia: I can help you with that. What is the model number of your units?

Buyer:   I have purchased two of the S3325 Shark Ultra Steam Blaster canisters and both of them have failed

 Cynthia: What seems to be the issue with the units?

Buyer: Both of them failed in the same manner – the solenoid that turns the steam on and off inside the cannister quit working

Cynthia: One moment please while I look into our system to see what I can offer you to help with that.

Buyer: Are you there?

Cynthia: Yes sorry.The only thing we have available for the issue you are having with your units is a repair option. You would have to send the unit in on your own plus send a check in the amount of $40.95 for repair and return shipping to you. Our Agents can help you place that order. To begin this process please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-798-7398. Our Agents are available Monday through Saturday, from 7 a.m.-11 p.m. ET

Buyer: A Repair option!

Cynthia: Yes as there is no Trouble Shooting steps for that issue.

Buyer: Are you saying that I have to pay to have two units that have failed in exactly the same manner repaired? This truly is a quality and safety issue here – one that shows you have a problem with your product. Yet I have to pay to resolve a quality and safety issue?

Cynthia: Sorry I misinformed you. My mistake You would have to send in for repair still we would send  you a PL to send into us we cover the cost of the repairs but you would have to pay the return shipping of $15.95 for both if owned under a year.

Buyer: What exactly does that mean? What is a PL, and both are over a year old – ironically they both failed just past the warranty period – how convenient!

Cynthia: If they are both over a year then what i stated earlier is the option we have available. Our Agents can help you with the Repair. To begin this process please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-798-7398. Our Agents are available Monday through Saturday, from 7 a.m.-11 p.m. ET

Buyer: OK – I see – what you are telling me is that even though Euro-Pro has a definite quality and safety problem – I will have to pay to fix it – I get it! 

I will just junk them and post this entire message thread onto the internet advising everyone that Euro-Pro does NOT back up their products! It is apparent that quality and consumer safety is not important to your company nor is customer relations – sad!

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